9 Advantages of Padded Flooring

Fitness flooring has evolved dramatically over the years into a marvel of colour, soft-resistance and durability. Many people choose to exercise at health clubs due to the improved gym flooring as they know they can perform floor exercises safely and productively.

Safety padding is growing in popularity and is quickly becoming the covering of choice in commercial, educational, institutional and government facilities. Facility managers and building owners are now attracted to the vibrant choice of colours and patterns available.

Safety padding is not only durable, it contributes to improved air quality and is environmentally friendly. Below, Safety Padding examines the further benefits of installing padded flooring in your home or place of work.

1. Durable and Flexible

Padded flooring is not only durable but flexible too, making it the perfect choice of flooring for high impact exercise such as aerobics. The flexibility of the service also serves as the perfect play mat for children and babies to roll and jump about whilst in the gym.

2. Easy to maintain

The covers of our safety padding is made of anti-slip material to prevent any accidents, and it can easily be regularly wiped clean to maintain high levels of hygiene throughout the gym. This makes it the perfect service for smaller children and adults alike.

3. Weight trainers

Safety padding serves as an excellent flooring for weight trainers. Whether you're working out at the health centre or in a home gym, you can handle bar bells, dumb bells and other weights without the worry of dropping them. In the event of dropping a piece of equipment, the flooring will absorb the shock and therefore prevent heavy equipment from bouncing dangerously

4. Adaptable 

Safety padding can be adapted to suit all gym sizes and specifications. Our mats come in a range of sizes and styles each designed to perform according to the environment they are used in. In addition, our mats will stick to most surfaces without the use of adhesives thanks to their anti-slip surface.

5. Easy to install

Floor padding is easy to install and competitively priced. Our team will liaise with you to gain your bespoke requirements, then arrange a suitable date to come in and lay the padded flooring. It is a quick and stress-free process from start to finish - we'll do all the hard work for you.

6. Recyclable

When it's time to renew your flooring, you can recycle your old padding. Special firms can recycle granulated floor coverings for use as landing mats, industrial or stable mats, and coverings for sports arenas.  

7. Reduces noise

The safety padding absorbs sounds and noise making it ideal for sports, leisure and gym facilities. It can also be used for noise and sound insulation in new buildings as part of their Building Regulations. In addition, the flooring is comfortable to walk on and stand on, even  bare foot.

8. Safety

Safety padding is waterproof, and even when its wet it is naturally slip resistant. The mats are also flame resistant and contain very low smoke emission in the event of a fire. Furthermore, the materials used are non-toxic and will therefore not release noxious fumes into the air if burnt. The padding is anti-bacterial and extremely hygienic, making it the perfect solution for hospitals and schools.

9. Bespoke padding

Safety Padding can tailor our mats to suit your company's individual needs. We offer a wide choice of functional finishes and textures which can help to add traction to the floor, making it more slip resistant in wet areas and easier to maintain and clean. We can also tailor your matting with company logos for branding purposes.


Safety Padding can provide bespoke padding solutions to suit all your requirements, from padded columns to padded posts and padded walls, we have all the components you need to ensure your business remains well protected. We can provide custom-made pads for posts or standard pads are available to order today from our website.

If you would like to find out more about how we can help your business, please contact us or click here to find more examples of our latest safety padding fittings.


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